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Which Is The Best WiFi Network Encryption Protocol?

Wireless Networks have become really important in this age and almost every new device depends on wireless routers for internet connectivity through Wi-Fi Network. As much as Wi-Fi Networks, their security and encryption are also important to protect your data and wireless network from any unwanted intruder. However, many people don’t really give much importance

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What is a WAN (Wide Area Network)?

A WAN or Wide Area Network is a telecommunications network that is extended over a large area and connects devices from different locations across the globe. Currently, it is the most expansive form of computer networks available. The Internet itself can be considered as a WAN. WANs are generally set up by service providers which

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The Best and Fastest Public DNS Servers of 2020

Domain Name System/Service/Server, an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses that are required to access websites. DNS servers are automatically assigned to you by your ISP when you connect to the internet. The DNS Servers provided by your ISP may not be the best and can cause some performance issues and slower

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